First of all I would like to tell you that this is Terry making this page. The rest of Demiloaf has nothing to do with this. So if you have a problem come talk to me. So what's with that email you sent me? That was the dumbest letter I've ever read in my life. (You can see the email he wrote at the bottom of this page) Why do you say that I don't have the balls to tell you in person that you are out of the band? You didn't have the balls to talk to me in person, instead you wrote me an email. And it's not my responsibility to kick you out. I didn't make the decision that you were out of the band, I didn't go out and get another drummer. So why do you blame me for kicking you out? Why are you suprised at us kicking you out? You have no drumset! Don't you understand that in order to be a drummer, you need to have a drum set? How could we keep you as drummer? If you would have gotten a drum set you would've been our drummer. Now that is out of the question, you will never be in Demiloaf again. We put up with so much of your shit. You were a bad drummer. You changed beats in the middle of songs and you didnt' know how to end songs. You just kept playing even when we were yelling at you to stop playing. You practiced with us when we were still practicing at Eric's house and had Dudzik's drums. Then you practiced one last time when we were able to scrape parts of three people's drums together. They aren't going to keep letting you play their drums. Don't you get it? YOU HAVE NO DRUMSET!!! I think that's a pretty important part of being a drummer don't you? Don't worry about us "crawling back" to you. I guarentee that will never happen! And I better get an apology from you for that email or you are going to have problems. You better not ever call me a "stupid shit" or anything else like that again. If you have a problem with any of this letter, come talk to either me or Dennis, we will be more than happy to talk to you about this. See ya around Jiggles.

Love, Terry Powers



This message is from Bryan Pettigrew! I always knew that I didn't have a good friendship with you or Dennis, so listen to me now asshole. That was a really punk thing of you to do to me. You didn't even have the balls to come up to me and tell me that you didn't want me to be in the band anymore. And I knew that you already had a practice with Julia behind my back. All because I didn't have a drum set, or as I presume. So what I want you to do is take that fucking bitch of yours and have her play drums for Demiloaf and see how she fits the picture. And if she fucks up, don't come crawling back to me, you stupid shit. FUCK YOU and have a nice day!!!


Yours truely,

Bryan Pettigrew