Hey everybody!

It's been a year since we got together and we're finally starting to play some shows! I bet you never thought we'd make it. Well ha!

Our first show for an audience made up of more than Maureen is coming up on May 1st. Chris King, formerly of New Left Standard and presently of The New Jacks, has a new band named Borderline that's going to be opening for us! Now that you know that you're probably going to want to go, but it's a very exclusive event since it's commemorating the official one-year anniversary of Demiloaf. You have to be on the guest list to get in...invitations have already been distributed, so sorry if you missed this one!

But wait, you have another chance! May 15th marks the landmark first show for an audience of complete strangers. That One Place will be the place to be, so pile into your pickup and meet us in Rockford. Scary, huh, us playing in Rockford of all places?

More info regarding the May 15th show will be added as soon as it becomes available.


What's that? You want us to play at your show? Excellent. Email us or call Terry at (847) 577-3693 and tell us about it.

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