I would like to thank terry for being such a wonderful father to adam, dennis and eric for beating everyone else up on the trampoline, dennis's parents for buying the trampoline, toyota for making black 1989 camrys, cub, mint records for being cub's record label, Yaohan for selling fine Japanese goodies like my Eva art book and Pocky, Minute Maid for making the very best fruit drinks on earth, katherine for showing me the light of the otaku, the video store for carrying lots of super anime titles, fansubbers for fansubbing Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (with Saturn), Sailor Saturn for having purple/black hair and giving me the inspiration to cosplay, my dad for getting me free college, my mom for giving birth to me, my grandparents for being so nice and generous, and ruben and milo for looking exactly alike and being very soft.


And a big fuck you to Lucy for farting on terry's pants, and dic for mangling sailor moon.


hehe that's "all"....



Jackson and Fender (for my guitars), Marshall (for my amp), Boss and DOD (for my pedals), Pettigrew (for his time), Terry (for inspiration, the mics, and being such a great father), Dennis (for being there when Terry was in detox, and for practice space), Eric (I don't really know what for, I don't like my drunken half-uncle, but he's a good bassist), Julia (because she plays drums), Nicole (for letting me borrow the car for homecoming, and for her inspiration, thanks mom!), and Mr. Moon (for starting Demiloaf).



Mr. Smith, Kosta Markopolis, Arby's, Leslie, the what-you-want lady, the inventor of the wiffle ball, U.S.A., summer, Jeff Butler, Kevin Butler (for the name), Terry's mom (for Mr. Pibb), Elvis, MacArthur Middle School (for hours of night time fun), Team Conte, Team Sportsmanship, 6:30, Party City (for "gainful" employeement), Brent Popejoy, Adam Sandler, and the White Carp, Gary, Indian.



Jiggles, Anthony Santos, George Balogi, Mike Seits, your mom (unless you're Terry), Mancow, Banana Man, Mr. L, Hersey, Reanenenen (for making me stupid), Darrell, Alberto, the Drill Team, Uncle Wiggley, baseball, Rancid Girl (for stalking me), my knee (for sucking), Mr. Hannon, Rocky, H-TV, Mr. Mann (for not liking sportsmanship), Laura Shwartz, John Camardella, Ryan Bell, Joh Speckman, Mike Alverado, and Party City (for installing cameras.)



Mr. Smith, my "family", Peter, Adam, and Eric for letting me use their equipment, Brendan Kelly (non sexually), Eddie Belfour, Tillman, tripod.com, hotmail.com, Hondo, hersey graphic arts, signode, 7th Heaven, Full House, SkankerDethRecords, 6:30, the Carter's, Kawa's, and Wells' for letting us practice in their basements.



This list does not have everybody that I hate on it but just some special people that I would like to mention:

Tim Delord-you are a stalker, Darren Busse-you better hope I never see you outside of school, fbt, the rhino, bhr, Lucy-Nicole's dog who farts all the time, Tillman-the black connection, ska and ska whores, my hat-it broke, www.geocities.com, and every other person who likes to stalk me.